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5 common food combinations you should never eat together.

Oct 13, 2019

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Food is a destructive part of all human beings. But what we call food throughout the day is right for our health. We should have the right information about what we eat. We eat such food many times which harms our health. Do you know that eating a banana with milk can slow down your mind too? Below, we are given a list of some such food combinations. You should read it carefully.

1. Alcohol and Nuts

Whenever we drink wine or a beer, we like to drink some snacks or snacks. A combination of every snack with a drink is not beneficial to our health. Do you know that nuts with alcohol cause dehydration in our bodies? And this leads us to drink more alcohol.

2. Pizza and Soda

The combination of soda with pizza is very popular. And there are some of us who cannot even imagine pizza without soda. Like we know that pizza contains carbs and some amount of protein and starch. That is why heavy body energy is required for the digestion of pizza. If we talk about the soda, it slows down the process of digestion, which can cause indigestion problems.

3. Banana and Milk

We all eat bananas with milk in many ways. But you would be surprised to know that the combination upsets your digestive process and sleep patterns. Bananas and milk have the opposite digestive pattern which slows down the brain. If you eat both of them separately then there is more beneficial for your health.

4. Cheese Sandwich and Coffee

A combination of cheese sandwich and coffee is preferred by everyone at breakfast as it is easy and quick. But let us tell you that it is not healthy and nutritious at all. You must know that bread contains carbs that do not allow the calcium in the cheese to be digested properly. If you talk about coffee, then it causes more harm than benefit to your body.

5. Bacon and Eggs

Both of these are high sources of protein. But if they are eaten together, they can cause indigestion. You should eat them separately.

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